3rd Try A Charm? | Tanglewood | New York

Today I ran the Red Trail at Tanglewood Nature Center.

This was my third attempt at running my fastest time on that loop.

I had a decent time on my first attempt. On my second attempt I shaved some time off.

I thought maybe I could get even a little bit faster. On my third attempt I went out a little later in the day than I would like to because I was waiting for the weather to warm up a little bit. I wanted it to at least be in the 40’s when I ran.

Out along the cliffs on the Red Trail

Third Attempt

I started off running hard. But during the first mile I really didn’t have it. I was feeling a little tired already and I did not feel fast. When the 1st mile split time clicked over on my watch I knew I was already slower than my last time at that point.

The second mile felt better. I picked up the pace. That split was back to where I was on my second attempt and even just a bit faster.

The big difference was the third mile. I knocked over a minute off that time. I pushed hard up the long climb at the end.

Overall my third attempt was over a minute faster than my second attempt despite starting off slower. If my next effort can really pull it all together I think I still have gains to be made.

I can get a little bit faster.

The first 1+ miles of the run.


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