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Tanglewood Nature Center has a little bit of everything for every type of outdoors person. 


There are a wide variety of trails to explore along the natural area provided by Tanglewood Nature Center. There are nice sections of various types of natural features to explore along the trails.

Gentle hiking trail with a view

Bird watching

Tanglewood is a great place for birdwatching. I have had some of my favorite birding experiences there. There is a wide variety of habitat to attract different types of birds native to our area. Tanglewood offers open fields, woodlands, and ponds and they all attract different types of birds. There are also various man-made structures to assist birds in nesting. 

Tree Swallow at nest box


There are plenty of opportunities to see wildlife at Tanglewood. Wildlife is particularly active there in the early morning hours and early evening hours before dark. Deer, chipmunks, and rabbits are plentiful. I have even seen a fisher there, for only the second time in my entire life. 

Deer passing through the field near the trails


If you enjoy trail running, Tanglewood is just the place. A wide variety of terrain to accommodate any type of run you could like. Hills to climb. Technical rocky trails. Like to run downhill. Want some flatter terrain? It is all there. 

Trail runners on the Red Trail during a race

Relax and enjoy nature

Looking to just relax and enjoy nature? There is plenty of space to just stretch the legs for a minute and then settle in to relax in just the right spot. Sit and relax by one of several ponds. Walk up the hill and sit on a bench and enjoy the view. Walk out along one of several flatter trails and still be able to see out over the valley for some excellent views of our region. 

Sunset skies over the valley

Tanglewood Really does have it all


Support everything Tanglewood has to offer through Run For The Hills! or Ben’s Long Run.


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