Red Trail Run | Tanglewood | New York

With the fall season upon us most of my opportunities to hit the trails will be on the weekend. So its back to back days of hard runs on the red trail at Tanglewood Nature Center.

Red Trail Attempt 2

We have been having some unusually warm weather for the season here in upstate New York. Temperatures have been in the 70’s. How do I celebrate the great weather. Get up early and for out for a hard trail run while the temperature is still in the 40’s.

This run went better than expected especially with two hard runs back to back. I ran hard for the first 2+ mile of the trail and then power hiked up the hard climb at the finish.

I shaved about 1 minute off my time from my last attempt. Hoping to keep improving with each attempt.

Time Lapse. Trail Run. Red Trail. Tanglewood Nature Center.

Run For The Hills!

The Red Trail is a great trail to run on. It has everything a trail runner could want. Got to Tanglewood Nature Center and take on the Run For The Hills! challenge and help support the nature center.

If you don’t want to run you can still help support Tanglewood by donating to Ben’s Long Run. The more money he raises for the nature center the more laps on the Red Trail he will run up to 100 miles. Lets make sure he is out on the trail a long time.

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