Go North

I talk a lot about wanting to and trying to relax on this vacation, but maybe that is just self-delusion. I did have some goals I wanted to accomplish on this vacation.

Visiting New State Parks

I wanted to visit state parks that I had not visited before. Since it was supposed to be hot all week I thought maybe it would help to go north. We live on the southern border of NY right near PA. So, we went north to the shores of Lake Ontario. FYI, it was just as hot there as it was at home.

Our first stop was Selkirk Shores State Park. Selkirk Shores was a nice little state park. When we arrived there was fog or steam rising up off the ground in the woods.

The area where we parked initially was right at this nice wooded picnic area at the edge of the woods. There was a trail that went off into the woods at one end. We stays in the picnic area to enjoy the views there. The trees in this spot were majestic. I don’t think I did them justice in my photography.

Selkirk Shores State Park

Then we drove over to the beach area. There is a nice little beach there if beeches are your thing or you want to swim. I just wanted to photograph the shoreline and the lake.

We looked at the trail map and discovered a trail that started from right near where we were and lead through the woods and out around a small pond. We decided to check out this trail for a short casual hike.

Our Second stop was Sandy Island Beach State Park. The name of the park pretty much says it all here. It’s a beach on Lake Ontario. I was not looking to hang out on a beach this day. Snapped a couple of photos and then we moved on.

Chasing Waterfalls

After that we wanted to do something else while we were up in the area and we saw in a brochure Salmon River Falls and we decided to see if we could find it and check it out. This for me became the highlight of the trip. I love waterfalls. They are more my thing than beeches. The waterfall was beautiful. The only downside was the trail descending to the bottom of the waterfall was closed for repairs. I may have to get back there just to hike down this trail and get a real good look at this waterfall.

Salmon River Falls

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