Vaca: Tioga Hammond Lakes

On day 3 of our vacation we went to a location I am familiar with and enjoy but lately never seem to find my way there as much as I would like. We spent the day relaxing near the shores of Tioga Hammond Lakes. This time it was a day for just my wife and I to relax and enjoy. No dogs this time.

I love this spot because there is a wide variety of things you can do here. There is a small flower garden and arboretum to visit. There is a small nature center. There are nesting platforms for osprey. There are hiking trails. There are plenty of open places to just walk around and observe nature. And there is a lot of nature to observe from the previously mentions flower garden, trees, and osprey to lakes, creeks, and song birds to enjoy watching.

Mostly we relaxed on our picnic blanket and did puzzles together, which I periodically interrupted with attempts to photograph the local osprey as they would come tantalizingly close but not quite close enough or stay long enough for me to get good photographs.

I did catch a few nice shots of an osprey.

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