Relearn What You Have Learned

I spent some time today trying to relearn what I had previously learned how to do in Photoshop. At one point I had learned how to create a composite image from several shots that I took at a race I photographed. I was able to create an image that I really liked but I did not keep in practice with doing it and forgot how to do it. So, now I get to spend time learning it once again.

In 2017 I photographed Red Newt Racing’s Lucifer’s Crossing Race that took place at Buttermilk Falls in Upstate, NY. I wanted to try and be a little more creative with this series of photographs. I brought a tripos and set up to take longer exposure photos as the runners passed in front of me. I wanted to really capture their motion.

The goal of this Photoshop project was to create a composite image depicting the runner as they ran across the scene in front of me. I would combine the images to show their progress down the path.

It took longer than I wold have liked to relearn this process, but I am very happy with the results. Let me know what you think of the final image.

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