Growing Love Of Public Art | Sculptures

I love public art. I have gone through most of my life probably not even noticing it most of the time. But, as is often true in life I have grown and changed and come to appreciate art more and more. This includes public art displays.

In my area there has been a beautiful resurgence in public art. This resurgence has made me more aware and appreciative of all the creative forces around me. I think more about art and appreciate the art I see all around me more and more.

This metal sculpture has been present in downtown Elmira as long as I can remember.

One feature of public art that has been of great interest to me are sculptures. I love to see more and more of this kind of art. It seems like it is probably the most expensive and complicated art to create and simply bring into existence especially in terms of public works. But, it brightens my heart every time I see a new construction project completed and in the middle of it is a new piece of art. This has been becoming increasingly common in my region and I am so thankful for it.

There is one piece of artwork I have really come to appreciate it. I don’t see it as often as I would like. But I get to see it whenever I am walking around the downtown area o my home town. And that piece of art has been there as long as I can remember. For all I know that piece of art is older than I am. The area of town where that sculpture stands ahs been revamped and rebuilt and that sculpture is still there.

Labrador Duck sculpture at Brand Park in Elmira, New York: Commemorating the last of that species.

It is also great to be surprised by beautiful public art. Over the years new art displays have popped up in places I already love and that has only enhanced my love and enjoyment of those places.

One of my favorite local places to visit and enjoy nature and create photography has been Brand Park. And during one visit to the park I noticed that a sculpture had been installed. The statue commemorates a species of bird that has long since been extinct. But the statue is placed here because that is where the last sighting of that species was. A beautiful way to commemorate wildlife and bring more thought about nature to the enjoyment of a park.

Bald Eagle sculpture along the Wildlife Drive at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.

My favorite place to take a trip to for birdwatching over the years has been Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. There is a great road to drive along through the refuge and watch the birds throughout the year. So many different bird sightings, as well as other wildlife, to be had in this park. I have had so many great experiences at this refuge. One of my favorite was learning that there is a huge amazing sculpture of an eagle near the end of the wildlife drive now. Seeing that for the first time was so cool. I enjoy seeing it on every visit now.

One of my most recent encounters with new public art happened at my favorite place to go and see beautiful flowers and nature. I try to visit the Cornell Botanical Gardens multiple times a year because on each visit different flowers will be blooming. On one of my visits I saw that a new sculpture was in place outside the visitor center. So now when I visit I get to enjoy this beautiful tall sculpture of flowers.

I look forward to the next time I visit a location I enjoy and get to see a new piece of unexpected art.

Double Allium by Jenny Pickford: Outside the visitor center at the Cornell Botanic Gardens.

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