Awaiting Instructions | Border Collie | New York

Border Collies are a breed of dog I love mainly based on watching them perform in the agility ring.

They are probably one of the few dog breeds that I have more photographs of while competing in agility than while in the conformation ring.

Border Collies are quite amazing at agility. Seeing the Border Collies who have been training and working in agility for a long time speed through a flawless round on the agility course is pretty spectacular.

They seem to have the perfect combination of attributes to excel at agility.

There is no obstacle that presents a huge challenge for them. The most difficult aspect seems to be tasks that require them to actually stop and be still during the course.

In this photo a Border Collie has reached the bottom of a ramp and is awaiting the cue from their human to proceed to the next obstacle.

Photo details: Nikon D500. Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8. Focal length 200mm. ISO 400. 1/4000 sec. f.2.8.

Border Collie

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