Best Friends | Enjoying The Park | New York

We have had a lot of dogs over the years. Some dogs get along better than others. It is so much fun when you have too dogs that love each other,

Brynn and Colton are best friends. They play and rough house together. They’ll take turns playing together with their tows.

Brynn and Colton even love going to the park together.

When you have a pair of dogs that get along so well it makes life that much better. It allows us to share even more of our lives with our dogs.

We don’t have to choose who to take with us. We can take both of them if we want to.

So much joy to be had in these interactions.

Photo details: Nikon 1 J5. 1 Nikon VR 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6. Focal length 51.2mm. ISO 400. 1/400 sec. f/4.2.

Best friends

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