2021 One Photo A Day Review and 2022 Blogging Plans

Over the course of 2021 I did something I have never done before. I took at least one photo every single day. Often many, many more than one photo. Then I took one of the photos I just created on that day and I shared it here on my blog.

2021 One photo a day project:

One reason I wanted to do this is there are many times where I feel stuck, paralyzed and anxious in my photography. I want to create, but what should I create. Where should I go. What should my subject be.

Then once I have created photos there are more questions. What will I do with my photos? Post on social media, upload to my website galleries, or write on my blog? I love sharing and writing on my blog but sometimes I am paralyzed by anxiety and the opportunity to share in a timely manner just slips away.

Committing to this project took a lot of that anxiety away. It did create some other new anxieties but it gave me a plan and a course to follow. I do much better with a plan and a commitment. Take a photo, share it on the blog.

This commitment allowed me to find a way to create images in situations and times of year where I just would not have normally created any art. I don’t know for a fact, but I am pretty sure I created more art this year than in any other year. I did many of the normal types of photography I do, plus I took photos every single day when normally I don’t.

During the project I took photos I wouldn’t normally take. I photographed subjects I normally wouldn’t. I became interested in types of photography I wasn’t before. Photography I was interested in but never took the time to try out now I had a reason to try.

After a fun year of doing something so different for me I wanted to take a moment to share more images that I took over the course of 2021 since there are so many siting on a hard drive no one has seen yet. I will group the photographs into galleries by subject. Let me know what you think of the photos.






2022 blogging plans

I love sharing my photography and my writing here on my blog. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos and reading my words. As 2021 was unfolding I started to think about what I wanted to do on my blog for 2022. I really enjoyed sharing photos daily with a relatively short bit of writing to accompany the photo. I decided I wanted to do more of that but in a different format.

In 2022 I will publish one photo every day with a short text to accompany it. Instead of each photo being taken that day it will be much the opposite. Each photo will be from my archives. Probably a photo that has never been shared before.

I want to keep these daily posts bite sized and easily digestible so I will try to keep my writing brief. The text accompanying the photo will be talking about various topics. Some days it may relate to the photograph directly and some days it may relate to what the photograph makes me feel, or some totally different topic all together.

New to my blog for 2022 will also be a line of photo details for most of the images. This line will tell you what equipment and settings were used when I created the image for those who are interested in learning how the image was created. I don’t think I have ever done that before so that is a fun little nugget of information to add to each post.

In addition to these daily posts I will also try to have periodic longer posts. These longer posts will not replace the daily short post, but will be in addition to the short pieces. Many of the longer posts will be related to what I am currently up to and projects I am working on.

I hope everyone found time for some art in 2021 and I wish everyone well for 2022.

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