One Photo A Day | Day 335 | Candles And Moving Light

One photo a day challenge: Day 335.

I had an idea that for today’s photo I wanted to compose a shot where there was a subject in the foreground and I stood in the background and spun a string of lights.

No idea what exactly my subject would be though.

I considered going outside for the shot but that would make figuring out a foreground subject more difficult.

If I stayed inside I had more control.

Setting up the shooting table would give me more freedom of movement.

I decided to use these decorative battery operated candle lights we have for the foreground subject.

Then I added a layer of snowflake lights along the back of the shooting table.

Then I stood behind the table and twirled a string of lights.

So I created three different layers of lighting in this image.

I experimented with different speeds and lengths of time to spin the lights.

And I tried varying the length of the strand of lights and the position of them.

This was my favorite combination.

One side effect of the lights I was spinning is that they were so bright they illuminated some objects in the background enough that they showed up in the actual photo.

Candles and Spinning Light

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