One Photo A Day | Day 320 | Red Flower Macro

One photo a day challenge: Day 320.

Photographed three different red flowers today.

Each of the plants are doing well inside.

They each have multiple blossoms on each plant.

I settled on this photo as one that I liked best.

In this image a whole cluster of flower blossoms is in the frame.

What I was able to accomplish that I like is featuring as single flower blossom from the middle of the cluster.

I looked at the flower cluster from more of a side angle. To help create a shallower depth of field.

This accentuated the effect of my small f-stop and close up view.

I placed my focus point right in the flower blossom in the middle of the cluster.

This put the flowers in the front mostly out of focus and the flowers in the background completely out of focus.

Red Flower Macro

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