One Photo A Day | Day 314 | Christmas Cactus

One photo a day challenge: Day 314.

Being in the midst of a one photo a day challenge I am always on the lookout for interesting photography subjects.

During the time of year when this often means more indoor photography I am even more alert for subjects when I am in a store.

Picking up a new item to photograph is always fun.

Today at the store I saw a plant I didn’t think I had seen before. Or if I had I had never seen one in full bloom.

Cactus plants are always so interesting. Even more so when they are flowering.

I seldom have the opportunity to see them blooming. So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add this one to my indoor flower collection.

This Christmas Cactus had so many flowers on it. I am so interested in watching it bloom. I hope I can keep it alive and safe from the cats to see all the bud mature and fully bloom.

Christmas Cactus

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