One Photo A Day | Day 269 | Mojo Sly Look

One photo a day challenge: Day 269.

Today was such a beautiful day outside.

The weather was cool and crisp. Perfect for this time of year.

It was sunny. NO RAIN.

A great day to do outside and play with the dogs.

Usually its just me interacting with one of the dogs to have fun and take photos.

Today all the dogs actually interacted and played with each other for a while. Running and chasing each other around the yard.

The dogs run for a bit. Then turn and look at each other, trying to figure out what to do next.

Mojo and Brynn look across the yard at each other. Brynn in the background. Mojo in the foreground.

Mojo turns and looks back at me with this sly look on his face. Just a bit of mischief about to occur.

Dogs at play

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