One Photo A Day | Day 260 | Colton Relaxing At The Park

One photo a day challenge: Day 260.

We have been fortunate to have more opportunities to get out with our dog Colton lately.

The weather has cooperated.

Not so hot for this big fluff ball.

Now there are a few community events he can attend to help him get used to being out in the public.

He needs to get readjusted to public life, just like the rest of us.

Today we were able to walk around town with him on Market Street in Corning New York.

There was a Harvest Festival event going on. The roads were closed to traffic.

More people. More activity.

Colton seemed to really enjoy being out and getting attention from others.

Then we went and sat in the park to relax for a bit. Colton settled in on this brick walkway.

Colton relaxing at the park

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