One Photo A Day | Day 248 | Spider And Prey

One photo a day challenge: Day 248.

I was out surveying the yard. Looking for photography subjects.

Photographing various plant life. Using my macro lens.

I eventually made a circuit of our back yard. I settled in to photograph the cluster of pink phlox that have been growing there for years now.

I photographed different compositions of the phlox flowers growing there. Single blossoms and groups of flowers.

Then I noticed this tiny spider on one flower blossom. I watched it and tried to work on getting a good angle.

The wind kept blowing causing the flower and spider to wave in and out of focus.

I was able to intermittently photograph the subject when the breeze subsided.

Then this tiny insect flew right into the spider. And the spider grabbed it. I actually managed to catch a few shots. Right place right time.

The tiny insect escaped the clutches of the spider.

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