One Photo A Day | Day 171 | Milkweed At Home

One photo a day challenge: Day 171.

I have been unsuccessfully trying to grow milkweed in my yard for several years.

I have scattered sees across my yard with no apparent success.

People have even given me plants from their yards to try transplanting to our yard. That did not seem to take.

On a few occasions milkweed plants have started to grow in my yard. On those occasions they have either gotten eaten or never returned the following year.

This one plant has grown in the same spot the past few years. And this year it has grown quite tall and it has flowered.

We finally have a milkweed plant growing in our yard that has flowers. And I think we will have a second one as well.

I hope this plant continues to thrive and return year after year. And I hope the plants spread across many areas of our yard.

Milkweed: New York.

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