One Photo A Day | Day 97 | New Orchid Flower

One photo a day challenge: Day 97.

I love plants and flowers. But I am never very successful with keeping house plants alive.

Maybe I am not good at following directions. Perhaps I am just not attentive enough. Or I may just not pay close enough attention.

Taking care of a house plant seems so simple on its face. But there does need to be a degree of attention paid. I need to be able to observe and notice what is happening with the plants on a regular basis. Not my strong suit.

I tend to under water and then over correct or vice versa. I am not good at subtle easy regular maintenance. I do better with projects taht requirte one big effort and then you are done.

Sustained work. A little bit at a time. Building, sustaining something over the long term. That is much harder.

New Orchid Flower

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