One Photo A Day | Day 77 | Comet

One photo a day challenge: Day 77.

Comet is such a good dog…..for us.

Comet is our long term foster dog through a local rescue. He really is a good boy. However, he has some behavioral challenges.

Comet doesn’t get as much love on the socials or in photos because of the way we have to manage his behavior issues. He doesn’t really love most of our other dogs and cats.

Even though he doesn’t care for our other house mates, he does love us a lot. He showers us with affection whenever he gets the chance.

Comet is also a dog with boundless energy. Energy can make for great photos. However, Energy however is not what I needed today.

Today’s photo session took place in a low light setting. This means slower shutter speeds. Slow shutter speeds means I need stillness in order for the image to be sharp.

Stillness and Comet are not words that would be uttered in the same sentence. In between frantic sessions of licking my face and squirming all over Comet did pause long enough for me to capture some nice images of him.

Comet trying to be sweet.

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