One Photo A Day | Day 25 | Indoor Flower 3 Macro

One photo a day challenge: Day 25.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I bought a flower to use for my indoor photography. I really enjoy photographing flowers and that is one down side to living in the northeast. Flowers are only in bloom from mid April to Mid fall generally.

To make up for not having them to photograph in the wild I will occasionally buy flowers to photograph indoors. I bought this flower. I tried out two different approaches on it. Different things I would not do on a regular basis if I was planning to photograph flowers. Just to experiment with something different.

Petals. Close Up.

For this round of photos with the indoor flower I returned to my more regular approach for photographing flowers. I used my Nikon 60mm macro lens. This lens allows me to get very close up shots.

The lens allows me to be much more creative. I can get close and use a shallow depth of field which puts only very select areas of the flower in focus. This can create a more abstract image than what one might imagine a standard still life photograph to be.

I moved around my lights. And as I shot I moved the flowers around so different flowers would be in front of the lens. Using this lens and moving around allows me to change the composition and specific subject to create a variety of different looking photograph even though they are all essentially the same object.

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