One Photo A Day | Day 8 | Indoor Plant

Today is day 8 of my one photo a day challenge.

For the past coupled of years I have been taking plants we’ve had gowning outside in warmer weather and move them indoors in the cold upstate New York fall and winter. I try to keep them alive for two main reasons. One reason is I want to keep them alive so they can quickly grow and blossom early in the spring when the weather gets warm again. The other reason is that I want to have them to use as photography subjects indoors in the winter.

Potted plant indoors.

I have had mixed results at this. I have been able to keep some plants alive and growing. Mostly they eventually go dormant eventually. I have had a few that I have been able to keep from completely dying and have them regrow in the spring and summer.

I am not sure if this flower will be one of the ones that survives and regrows in the spring. It is a really cool looking flower when the blossoms are fresh. It is not as pretty in its current form.

I am trying to figure out how to create a nice image using this plant now. Not sure I love this image. But I think it is a good state. I think you will see more of this plant in the future.

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