One Photo A Day | Day 6 | Knit Hat

One Photo A Day Challenge: Day 6

Knit Hat

At least in the beginning of this challenge I am trying to have each photo be a different subject. I really like using my macro lens because it helps me lean into being more creative with my photography. And using the Lume Cube lights allows for more interesting lighting.

I really wasn’t sure what I was going to photograph today. I like the challenge of photographing a common item and trying to make it interesting. Especially if it is something that is just laying around.

I had this knit hat someone made for me sitting on my desk. I decided to turn my attention to that.

I played around with a bunch of different angles and closeness. Having three different light sources also allowed for flexibility. I placed one of the Lume Cube lights inside the hat so light would be shining out. That helped to create the image I have shared here.

This was a very different style of photography than what I normally pursue. I really liked playing around with it.

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