All The Waterfalls

After a day of relaxation we set out for a hike.

After spending a lot of our vacation relaxing we really wanted to do something active. I wanted to go hike somewhere. I wanted to find the perfect hike that captured all the beauty of our area in one trail.

There are a lot of wonderful trails to hike in our region. I have favorite places to spend time communing with nature. They all have their unique character that I appreciate. But, for this trip we decided to return to a place I had only been once before.

Ricketts Glen State Park

We spent the day hiking the Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park. This might be one of the singularly most beautiful trails you can find. The entire trail is just beautiful. Waterfalls abound. The trail never wanders far from the water.

There are plenty of trails to hike that lead to some beautiful natural feature, but at Ricketts Glen the beautiful natural feature is the entire Falls Trail. It is hard to overstate how beautiful this trail is. Our hike was 7 miles, but it took us over 3.5 hours because I spent so much time admiring the waterfalls and photographing them. And this was how long it took when I was restraining myself and not photographing everything I wanted to or spending as much time at each waterfall taking photos as I would have otherwise.

It is such a stunning place and there are so many little details to lose yourself in. You just have to go ad visit the place. I am really glad we ended up going here. It wasn’t initially a place I had planned on going during this vacation, but it was so worth it.

Waterfall Trail

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