The challenge of planning to do vacation as a series of road trips leaving from home each day and returning home each night is planning and deciding where to go each day. I had already done some research and developed a list of possible options for us to visit.

The next difficulty is that if you don’t end up going somewhere on that day does it still feel like a vacation? On a typical vacation where you leave and travel to someplace for a week or so once you get there you are “on vacation” no matter what happens during the day. Even in bad weather you are still on vacation.



The forecast for our first day of vacation showed 80% chance of rain the entire day. Our plans were mostly to be outside enjoying nature in some format or another. So, the last thing we wanted to do was to drive somewhere and then get caught out in the rain and have to go home.

We thought it most prudent to wait for it to rain and then after the rain hopefully we could go someplace and stay dry. So, we waited. Then we checked the forecast. And we waited some more. Each time we checked the forecast it continued to predict 80% chance of rain from whatever the current time was throughout the rest of the day. In response we kept delaying when we would venture out.
The forecast of rain continued to shift hour by hour. Always calling for 80% chance of rain and lasting the rest of the day. By doing what we thought most prudent we ended up not going anywhere at all on our first day of vacation. Not the most exciting way to start a vacation. But it is 100% better than being in the office.

Still Capture Those Images


Also, staying home did allow me to capture some nice photographs of our flowers we have planted around our house.

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