Migration “Workshop” 2

If our world hadn’t been upended by the corona virus I would have been leading my second migratory bird workshop at Eldridge Park, but that was not to be. Even though I am not currently able to go gather a group and guide them through some wildlife photography I still kept faith with myself and went to Eldridge Park solo.

It was cold but mostly sunny this morning. I thought I would be fortunate and get some beautiful and bright spring sunlight, but as the sun rose in the sky the clouds continuously rose to meet it. The light wasn’t ideal but the bright sun and thick clouds did create some interesting effects.

Today I did not see the migratory birds I had been hoping for but there was still lots of action on the lake.

I arrived to find a small group of cormorants on the lake. Shortly after my arrival all but one of them flew away. Then a short time later seemingly the same group returned and rejoined their compatriot. Eventually by the end of the hour the group of cormorants flew away and did not return by the time I left.

The usual mallards and Canada geese were on the water as well. they were moving about vigorously. Various birds frequently taking of for short flights around the lake and then landing in a new area.

At one point a common merganser flew right over my head as I stood on the floating dock. It happened so fast that I did not get a photograph of it as it flew past. However, I kept my eye on it during the time I was there and I saw it take off to leave the park and I was able to capture some photographs of it as it circled the lake before flying away.

It was also nice to see the flowers beginning to bloom in the park. Click the link to my Waterfowl gallery to see more photographs from today that I have added to that collection.

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