Impatiently Awaiting Spring

Spring always brings a great variety of photographic opportunities. I always enjoy photographing spring flowers as they begin to bloom. Spring has only recently arrived on the calendar and even more recently has it finally begun to feel like Spring here in upstate, NY. Where we live is at a slightly higher elevation than most of the surrounding area so Spring arrives even later at my house.

This time of year I frequently wander around our yard and monitor our trees, shrubs, and other perennials awaiting some fresh spring growth to photograph. Especially waiting for the first flowers to bloom. Our trees are just starting to bud. We have some perennial flowers just starting to emerge from the ground. We have peonies and hyacinths sprouting up right now.

But, I really needed to find some flowers to photograph. I needed to find a subject to energize me and inspire my photography. So find some flowers I did. It felt so refreshing to have some flowers to photograph. It really helped in this time of pandemic and social distancing to see new life emerging and record it with my camera.

I hope you are able to find something to inspire you in this time as well. What do you think of the photographs?

You can see more of these photographs in my Flowers gallery.

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