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Starting work on a new project. For a while I have had the idea of a project percolating in my mind. I wanted to create a photography project that documents the process of creating art. We all see artwork and marvel at its existence, but I think it is difficult to think about what went into the process of brining that artwork into existence. I recently reached out to some area artists that I was interested in working with on this project and over the weekend I spent a couple of hours vising with one of them, Gretchen Halpert, and learning more about her process. Gretchen Kai Halpert is a Scientific illustrator and instructor. Gretchen also teaches online through Scientific Illustration Distance Program. I took some test shots to get an idea of how to proceed. There will be more to come in the future from this project.

After my meeting I wanted to go to one of my favorite birding spots at Eldridge Park. As spring approaches more birds are entering our area and I am excited about the opportunity to see the migratory birds returning to our area. Also, there are Bald Eagles and how can you pass up that opportunity.

Neither the sky nor the lighting was great for this type of photography, but when a bald eagle presents itself I feel compelled to take the photos and make the best of it.

Birds are starting to turn up at Eldridge Park and I was happy to find a flock of Common Mergansers along with a pair each of Red-Breasted Mergansers and Hooded Mergansers on the water. It wasn’t the best lighting for photography but I made the best of it. I have some fun workshops planned to try to capture the migratory birds there as they move through our area. I will be holding workshops the first 3 Saturdays of April at Eldridge Park. Workshops are limited to 10 people so register now so you don’t miss out. Sign up here: Migratory Bird Photography.

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