Doing What I Love

Today was a great day. I spent the day doing something I love with the woman that I love.

My wife and I spent the day hiking around some of my favorite places. We took a lot of photographs. Our dog Brynn also came along for the adventure.

We enjoyed time at some of the best state parks you will ever find. We we hiked around and photographed starting at Taughannock Falls State Park, then we went over to Buttermilk Falls and started at the upper region of the park and hiked our way down the gorge a bit. We finished off our fun day by driving up to the upper gorge region of Robert H. Treman State Park and hiked down to Lucifer Falls and then back up to the top and our car.

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Taughannock Falls
Buttermilk Falls
Robert Treman State Park: Lucifers Falls

3 Comments on “Doing What I Love

    • Robert Treman is definitely worth checking out. My advice would be go to the bottom and see the big falls there. Then drive to the top and walk down. In my opinion all the best sights are there. Then you can return to your car whenever you like. Going up from the bottom requires a lot of hiking before you get to the most beautiful areas.

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