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The Gordon Setter. I have not photographed the Gordon Setter very often. I only have around 200 images in my archives of the Gordon Setter. But I still have managed to capture some images I really like. I like this image of the Gordon Setter walking towards the camera. Head up. Looking forward. Tail visible and raised high in the background. This image shows of the Gordon Setter’s fur well too. The… Read More

One aspect of dog shows I really enjoy is seeing dogs in the height of their glory. Many of us may not have the time, energy, and or patience to groom our dogs the way they are presented at a dog show. That makes it even more cool to see them fully decked out and groomed to the highest level. The English Setter is a beautiful dog. I love the speckled coloration…. Read More

If you are a lover of dogs there are some experiences you just have to have at least once in your life. One such experience is attending a dog show. If you spend your life around dogs, you will be blessed to have a great many fantastic experiences but there is nothing quite like going to a dog show. A dog show is like a dog lovers wildest dreams come true. If… Read More

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