Two Years Of Daily Blog Posts

This post wraps up two years of my contributing daily blog posts here on my website.

I am ending the year with my final daily blog post of 2022.

Two years of daily blog posts

In 2021 I took on the photography challenge of creating new photographs every single day of the year. Then I shared one photograph from each new days batch of photos here on my blog. That was such a huge and interesting challenge. It really opened me up to some new things in my photography.

For 2022 what I wanted to do was share photographs from my archives. I have photographed so many different things over the course of the years. Many of the subjects I photograph my never be seen by anyone. So in 2022 my goal was to share 1 photograph of almost every type of subject where I have a significant number of good photographs.

Stream Flower Through Personious Woods

The future of my blog

My plan for my blog in 2023 is to publish one regularly scheduled blog post every week of the year. So each week there will be at least one blog post from my blog. The topics will likely vary over time. These blog posts will likely come out mid week.

During that time there will be other blog posts that will be more like current events blog posts. These will be blog posts about things I am currently doing. Things like races I am running. Photography projects I am working on. Life events. More things of that nature. The blog posts will likely come out on the weekend.

When I publish a current events blog post it will be in addition to the regularly scheduled blog post for that week. So on weeks where I publish a current event blog post you will have at least two blog posts to read for the week.

Over the past two years the regular daily blog posts have been relatively short. And my more sporadic current update blog posts are pretty long. The goal is to have the weekly blog posts strike a balance. Not too long but not too short either.

If there are topics you are interested in that you would like to see me cover please comment here or reach out to me on social media.

Thank you for joining me on the blog for my last post of 2022.

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