One Photo A Day | Day 27 | Mask

One photo a day challenge: Day 27

I really enjoy playing with depth of field. And Color. And patterns. Sometimes it is really satisfying when I can take an average subject and turn it into something more abstract.

Today I turned my attention to my mask that I wear running when needed. My Boco Gear, Performance X Mask was todays subject.

If you’ve got to wear a mask better to make it a fun colorful one from a company whose products you love. And it depicts the kind of scenery and vibe I love.

I had a couple of ideas for what I wanted to try to do.


Lighting would be provided with my Lume Cube lights. My first thought was to use one of my lights on a tripod to both support the mask and project light into and through the mask from the back. That light died, but it did still provide structure for holding up the mask for photos.

Boco Gear Mask Close Up

One idea I had was to have the mask in the foreground and my Adobe Lightroom screen on my monitor in the background. The screen would have images of race photos I had taken. The mask would be in the foreground and the screen in the background.

I would use my Nikon 60mm macro lens to photograph the subject. I would use the most wide open aperture I could get and I would be pretty close to the subject. This would put the background as out of focus as possible.

I was curious as to how the out of images of runners would look in contrast to the in focus piece of running gear in the foreground.

After I experiemented with different shots like that I moved on to a different type of photo.

The other way I worked to photograph the mask was to get in really close. Photograph only small portions of the mask. Focus on small details.

I wanted to create contrast between what was in focus and what was out of focus. The goal was to create a more abstract feel. Concentrate on colors and textures and patterns.

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