Is Spring Here?

The weather in Upstate, NY has been getting progressively nicer lately and today the forecast was for warm weather. The snow is currently mostly melted.

Running the Abbott Loop on the Finger Lakes Trail

This morning started off with a fun trail run with Rebellion Running. Despite seeing very little snow on the drive out to the trails we somehow managed to run along the most frozen land you can still find right now. We ran the Abbott Loop on the Finger Lakes Trail. Somehow it managed to be cold, snowy, and frozen, as well as muddy and wet all at the same time. This also included several stream crossings. Despite my whining it was a fun time. I added some of the photos to my Landscapes gallery on my website and you can see them there.

Out on the Abbott Loop on the FLT.

After getting home and eating lunch. My dad and I went to Eldridge Park to scout the area for any migratory birds that may be passing through the area. Unfortunately there were no migratory birds that we saw. We did enjoy the weather and spent some time watching and photographing our regular local birds like Mallards and Ring-Billed Gulls. I added some of those photos to my Water Fowl gallery on my website and you can see them there.

Mallards on Eldridge Lake

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