Softest Fur Ever!!!

Titan is a 1 year old shepherd mix who is currently available for adoption at the Chemung County SPCA. Titan is a sweat and friendly dog. All he wants to do is find a human to love on.

Titan_March 21, 2016_6

Titan trotting along.

Titan is calm and likes to just hang out with his human friends. He is a gentle guy. If you like to snuggle with a soft fury mate Titan is the dog for you. Titan has just about the softest fur ever.

Titan_March 21, 2016_35

Titan posing for his close-up.

Titan has the energy to play but seems like he needs help to figure out this whole play thing. Once Titan gets interested in the idea of play he can be spunky and scampers around. Titan isn’t quite sure what to make of the toys though. To fetch or not to fetch. That is the question.

Titan_March 21, 2016_13

Titan trying to figure out how to play with toys.

Please support my project to bring attention the fine work that the Chemung County SPCA does providing a safe haven for these dogs on my Indiegogo campaign: Shelter Dogs at the Museum.

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