Finally In Bloom | Gerbera Daisy | New York

Over the course of the last several days of my one photo a day challenge that I completed in 2021 I was waiting for a flower to bloom.

I had moved my annuals from outside to inside hoping they would survive the winter.

One plant in particular, a gerbera daisy, was doing quite well. It actually seemed to be thriving inside.

The Gerbera daisy plant had actually developed a flower blossom.

My hope for my photography project was to photograph it over the course of several days as it began to bloom.

And then I wanted my final photograph of my one photo a day project to be the flower in full bloom.

Unfortunately, the flower blossom matured too slowly. The flower was not fully in bloom until after my 365 photos of 2021 were completed.

But now the flower is in bloom and I wanted to take a moment to share that photo with you.

Just because a project has come to an end doesn’t mean you have to put the camera down. Keep working to satisfy those personal goals you have.

I wanted to photograph the fully bloomed flower and even though my project was over I still created the images I wanted to create.

Go photograph that subject you have been waiting to photograph.

Red Berbera Daisy

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