One Photo A Day | Day 217 | Red Flowers At Night

One photo a day challenge: Day 217.

Stepped out onto the back deck with the flowers this evening. Post sunset. Its getting dark.

Going to use some artificial light to illuminate the flowers.

Not entirely sure what I was going to photograph. I had decided to focus my attention on just one large flower pot. This pot has a nice mix of flowers and they are all different shades of red.

I had three lights to work with. I thought I would place two lights to the side and one overhead. Unfortunately, The light I had been planning to use for overhead lighting had a dead battery.

Always check your gear regularly so it is ready. Lesson learned. I will probably learn it again.

But I can make due with two lights. It will be fine.

I made my initial set up of the lights. I started photographing.

As I worked I selected different subjects. As well as changing compositions. Shifting compositions and subjects necessitated a change in the arrangement of my lighting.

Moved lights. Kept shooting. More subjects. More flowers. Different angles. Different shapes.

This image appeals to me because of its layers. Different layers of focus. Different layers of color. And there are different layers of brightness.

Red at night

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