Vick / Tiger Comparrison

I just read a report that Michael Vick won the Subway-sponsored BET Sportsman of the Year award. He also signed a new endorsement deal with Nike. Michael Vick is a convicted criminal yet he is being given awards and endorsement deals. He was found guilty of crimes and went to prison. Not the least of his crimes was killing defenseless animals.

Just a quick comparison. Tiger Woods was a much greater player to his sport, golf, than Vick was, is, or ever will be to the NFL. Tiger Woods committed an immoral act, but not an illegal act and people everywhere seem to want to bury him and want nothing to do with him. He lost endorsements as a result of this. His golf game even appears to be suffering as a result of this, which seems to evidence a much greater inner turmoil than that which Vick is experiencing. I in no way condone what tiger did but I think we need a little perspective here.

Tiger Woods is booed, rooted against, and financially punished for his immoral behavior. Michael Vick is cheered, given awards, and signed to lucrative endorsement deals after committing multiple criminal acts and being sent to prison.

I firmly believe if Vick was told he could never play in the NFL we would not have heard even the most insincere apologies from Vick. Everything he says about what he did is motivated by his desire to make money.

I am embarrassed to have been a customer of both Nike and Subway in the past. I will not be a customer of theirs in the future.

As a photographer dogs are among my favorite subjects. As a photographer and a person I am very passionate about animals and dogs especially. I felt I needed to take a moment to write briefly about this topic. I would love to hear the thought of others on this topic whether you agree with me or not.

I won’t linger on this any longer. Lets just make peoples punishments fit the crimes or lack there of.

For more information about Vick and Nike here is a short article: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=6730833

For more information about Vick and the sportsman of the year award and other details check out these links: http://saveshelterpets.wordpress.com/2011/07/05/boycott-subway-nike-for-their-support-of-michael-vick/


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