Last weekend Birding Photography

Last weekend I wanted to plan a trip to do some birding photography. I decided I wanted to go out to someplace where I would have a good likelihood of being able to photograph Bald Eagles or Osprey. I decided that I would go to the Tioga-Hammond Lakes in PA because I know there are several nesting Osprey in that area and I have often sighted Bald Eagles there as well.

During my visit I was able to see several of the Osprey while they were on their nest and a few times off in the distance flying, however they presented themselves for close up photography. I did not see any Bald Eagles.

In stead of searching the area for Osprey I became preoccupied with some of the small song birds that I saw making their way about in the trees. I didn’t plan on spending most of my time photographing song birds but the song birds were what made themselves available for photographs. So I adapted to the reality of the situation and instead of going home empty handed I was able to capture some nice photographs of the song birds native to the area.

I went out to photograph the raptors but I stayed out creating photographs for the song birds.

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