Hurricane Or Stream Crossing | Green Monster 25k | Pennsylvania

I really enjoy photographing races that I am actually running in, while I am running the race.

It is a totally different type of photography.

Most of the time I use a GoPro camera to do this.

It’s probably fair to say most GoPro users are using the camera in video mode. I like to use time lapse mode and shoot a stream of photos.

The conditions are often less than desirable for photography. But sometimes that is exactly what allows me to create interesting images.

A slow shutter speed often gives it a sense of motion and a swirling effect tot he image.

And sometimes I like to photograph my feet as I run to see what the trail looks like from that perspective.

In this image you can see my leg plunging into a stream crossing during the Green Monster 25k put on by the Tyoga Running Club.

The water splashing up from the stream. And the focus point is in the lower portion of the image.

Everything else seems to swirl around that focus point due to the slow shutter speed.

Photo details: GoPro Hero5 Black. Focal length 3mm. ISO 196. 1/25 sec. f/2.8

Splashing through a stream

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