One Photo A Day | Day 4 | Colton

Today is Day 4 of the one photo a day challenge.

Colton Laying in bed.

Tonight I managed to squeak in some photos literally right before going to bed and then writing this post.

We were getting ready for bed. I knew I needed to take a photo still tonight. No idea what I was going to photograph. Then all the dogs on cue went to the bedroom and got up on the bed for bedtime.

That seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up. I grabbed my Lume Cube lights and my macro lens and I set about to photograph the dogs in bed, before I went to bed. They were exceedinglily cooperative.

Once I figured out how to arrange the lighting I needed to get good shots I was able to capture this image of our Bernese Mountain Dog, Colton laying in bed with his head nestled in the blankets.

Night everyone.

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