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I think with the increasing proliferation of different types of social media websites it is important to have a separate strategy to how you are going to engage with each format you decide to participate in. 

I am not here to tell you how you should use each format to make it work best for you other than to say use social media in a way that is specific to you as an individual or business. Everyone is different and has different desires for the goals of using social media so to me everyone’s usage should vary depending in their specific circumstances. 

Also don’t feel like you need to participate in all iterations of social media. Use the formats that make sense for you. I use Twitter, Facebook, +Google, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. I even have multiple accounts for some of them. However, I use each format and each account differently. 

Some sites I post to more frequently than others and I share different types of things on different sites. For example on Facebook I have three different accounts. I have a business page dedicated solely to my photography business. I have another page dedicated to my PhD Dissertation research where I post things related to that effort. And finally I have a personal page used mainly for keeping in touch with friends and family where I share a wide variety if things across the spectrum. 

Another way I diversify my social media usage is I usually don’t post the same things to every site. If I have something I want to share that I think will appeal to my audience on more than one social media platform than I will share it simultaneously in multiple platforms because it makes sense to do that. But one thing to keep in kind is, why would someone follow you on multiple social media formats if you post he same thing in each format. It seems that if you want to build the largest audience it would be smart to diversify your usage. 

Here is an example of one post that I shared across multiple platforms because I felt it would resonate with each one.

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