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One thing I greatly enjoy about being not only a nature photographer but a nature lover is that you never know what you are gonna get.  I find surprises in nature all the time.  I even get nice surprises from nature in my own back yard.  All I have to do is look out my window or step out onto my deck.  Yesterday I stepped out on the deck to watch the birds at the bird feeders and was surprised to see two birds I had never seen before.  Ususally it is the same old crowd of species of birds at my feeders.  These 2 were definitely not one of the regular crowd.  Figuring I might not get  a chance to see them again I sat and watched a minute I wanted to get a good look at them so I could later look them up and identify them.  They stuck around a few minutes as I watched and I figured that since I had gotten a good look at them now I would chance running in and getting my camera and try to get a few images of them.  Luckily when I got back out on the deck they were still there.  I was able to snap off 4 quick shots and then they flew off into the woods and did not return.  Of course this happened when my wife and I were about to head out the door to an event so I could not stay out there and wait to see if they would come back or not.  None of the images I took were particularly good but they were good enough to identify the bird as a Black-Throated Blue Warbler.  So I can now add this bird to my life list of birds.

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