Concerned for Big Buck

When dogs are part of your life 99% of the time they bring you pure joy. Then there is that 1% that is fear of the unexpected. Fear of what could happen if some accident befalls them. When that 1% of fear becomes 100% reality it is terrifying.


Today our dog Buck was hit by a car. Buck is a 10 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. Buck is the only dog left of our original pack of four that we had when my wife and I moved into our first house of our own nearly ten years ago. This is where we have made our home and this is where we have experienced many heartbreaks over the years. We are trying to prevent this accident from becoming another heartbreak.

Anyone who is a dog person knows that your dogs are part of who you are. They are a part of your life in a way that is difficult to explain and difficult for other people to understand. Buck has been with us for ten years now, longer than any of our other dogs. Bucks life and his energy and being is woven into the fabric of our lives. Coming home from the hospital without Buck and knowing we may not even see him for a few days leaves a gaping hole in our home.

As a dog person you always feel like you will find a way to do whatever is best for your dogs in whatever predicament you find yourselves. Money is always tight. You often spend more on your dogs than you do on yourself. Your dogs see the vet more than you see the doctor. But you do what is best for your dogs. You find a way to make it happen. It is the responsibility you have for bringing a dog into your life.

No one wants to come up against that hard reality that money alone will influence what you decide to do for your dog. It is a cold unbearable feeling. But we may have come to it. Everyone has pride in themselves and wants to be responsible for their own life. No one wants to ask for help. No one feels good about asking for help. While I believe in being reasonable for ones actions and fulfilling ones obligations I also believe in a world where we come together and help those that need our help. I believe in a world where people can ask for help without shame. I believe in a world where we can ask for help and receive it when we need it and not feel the weight of guilt for asking for help. I believe in a world where people will reach out and help the people that need help and those that have received help when they need it will pass that help along to others in their time of need.

It is in that vein that I ask for your help in paying for Buck’s medical bills. We will remember your generosity and we will pass it on to others in need.

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