Trip to Adirondacks this weekend

This Saturday I am going on a hiking trip up to the Adirondacks with a friend of mine. The plan is to drive up and hike up a couple of mountains to the summit and then hike back down and head home. Originally, we wanted to make this a two-day trip leaving Friday and returning home Saturday night, but that did not work out. Going to the area of the Adirondacks we are going to hike at is a five-hour trip one-way for us. So to maximize our time that means leaving for our destination at 3:30 AM. I consider this a fair trade for what I am expecting to be an exceptional experience.

Earlier this year I undertook my very first trip to the Adirondack Mountains and I camped for a week by myself in the Long Lake area. It was such a great experience. I did a fair amount of hiking but I have never hiked as much in one day as we are planning to so I am looking forward to the challenge. I am also really looking forward to seeing the mountains ablaze with the colors of fall. I have a feeling it will truly be a sight to behold. I have seen photographs of the area in fall and the look great but everything is much better in person especially when it comes to nature.

Photographs of nature are great. That is why I am a photographer but nothing can compete with the real life experience and I always hope my photography will inspire someone to go out there into nature and experience it first-hand. Being out in nature is about as good as it gets to me, only made better by adding my wife and dogs to the mix.

For this trip, I am not planning much photography. This is a trip more for the simple enjoyment of nature and the experience. I am going to bring only one camera body with one lens attached to it and any photography I do will be with that simple set up.For most of the time the camera will likely remain tucked away in my bag only making an appearance when we reach summits or need a break.

I look forward to sharing more about this trip with you when I return.

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