The commute

I commute to work every day 1 hr each way on route 17/86 from Elmira to Endicott. I feel like this is becoming an increasingly treacherous situation. I almost always drive the speed limit. I get on the high way, set my cruise control to the speed limit, and then adjust it when it increases and decreases. Countless cars pass me every day. Most of the cars are not going just over the speed limit and barely passing me. Most cars go whipping by quickly disappearing into the horizon. The same goes for tractor-trailers and construction vehicles.

On two occasions recently I became seriously concerned for my safety as tractor trailers came barreling down behind me getting so close that the only thing I could see in my rear view mirror was the emblem on the grill of the truck. On the first occasion, I noticed the tractor-trailer quickly catching up to me. As I monitored its approach, I could see clearly in my rear view mirror the driver with a piece of paper in front of his face blocking his view of the road on several occasions as he approached. As the tractor trailer became perilously close to me I had to move over from the right lane of the highway into the left hand lane, the passing lane, to get out of the way of the truck and the truck just continued on its way passing me as if the driver never knew I was there which I believe was exactly the case. The truck driver either, never knew I was there or did not care that I was there. More recently as I was proceeding through the construction zone as you approach the Elmira exit where there is only one lane and you are surrounded by concrete barriers a tractor-trailer repeatedly closed in on me from behind to uncomfortable proximity. At one point, the truck was so close I began to swerve off the road as far to the side as I could without hitting the barrier to avoid an impact as best I could.
On occasions where there are cars in the right hand lane driving under the speed limit, as is their right, and I pass them in the left other cars catch up to me at reckless speeds and do not begin to slow down until they are right behind me. They ride my bumper as close as possible as if they are NASCAR drivers trying to draft with me to increase my speed so I will be able to pass the other driver better. Then once I am past the car on the right and I signal and begin to move over to the right lane myself they begin to pass me on the left before I am even in the right hand lane. Commuting to work should not feel like a NASCAR race with all the danger involved and none of the safety measures.
It has gotten to the point where I almost feel forced to speed in order to avoid the other dangers of the traffic around me. Where is the protection for the law abiding citizens who drive the speed limit and obey traffic laws? I am sure that if I decided to speed to lessen the impact of other drivers around me I would probably end up being the one who was ticketed. With the pressures and dangers of the traffic around me it feels like I am the one breaking the law and causing danger for everyone else when it is the other way around.
I am not saying I have never exceeded the speed limit in my life but as I have grown up and matured, I have realized how reckless and dangerous it is to oneself and everyone else around. By the way, I am only 33. I just do not understand what logic or lack thereof causes someone to speed. If the speed limit is 60 m/h and you drive 60 miles, it takes 1 hour. If my math is correct if you exceed the speed limit by 10 m/h and drive 70 m/h and still drive 60 miles it takes approximately 51 minutes to arrive at the destination. Therefore, the point is speeding does not really even save a significant amount of time if that is supposed to be the logic for speeding.

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