New Foster Kitten

Over the last several months my wife has been fostering kittens from our local SPCA. She is on her third foster now. This one was a difficult decision to take on and worried her a lot. The mother cat seemed to be very shy and scared. She did not seem interested at all in caring for her kitten. The mother cat did not pay any attention to her kitten at all.

My wife was not sure if she would be able to bottle feed a newborn kitten if the mother was unwilling to care for it. It was unknown how to proceed. My wife had bottle fed a kitten that had no mother but it was an older kitten and she had raised newborn kittens but they had a very caring and attentive mother. This was something very new and for my wife scary.
It has been a few days now and things seem to be going ok. The mother is apparently becoming a little more attentive as time goes on. My wife worries that the mother will suddenly stop caring for the cat without us knowing with catastrophic results.
Today we were messaging back and forth and talking about the kitten. My wife said she hopes she is not going to end up being crushed by this experience. She is worried that she will get hopeful now that things seem to be going well but then something bad will happen. My response to this concern was that something bad can always happen with animals and that is the risk we as humans take in caring. I t9old her that she is one of the most caring people I know and that opens her up to big emotional risk and it will surely hurt if something bad does happen, but it will be a great feeling when nothing happens and the kitten and her mother find their forever homes.

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