Another interesting commute

I had another interesting incident durring my drive in to work today. I was driving down the highway with my cruise control set to the speed limit as usual. I was approaching an exit and i could see a car traveling down the on ramp to merge with traffic at about the same time I’d be at that point on the highway. So with no traffic around me I did what you should do and I moved over to the left lane to allow the car on the on ramp to merge into the right hand lane of the highway. While i was in the left lane another car comes flying up behind me well in excess of the speed limit flashing his headlights at me to try and get me to move out of his way. This driver continued to flash his headlights at me the entire time I was passing the car on my right. Then when I was clear of the car on the right and moved over to the right hand lane the driver of the car speeding, driving recklessly, and breaking the law gave me the finger for driving safely and following traffic laws and using common sense. Yes HE gave ME THE FINGER. Yup that finger. And he wasn’t telling me i was number one. I am not sure how i was the one that deserved to be flipped off in this scenario.

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