Troubling Social Media 2

In regards to my previous post. I did hear back from the individual on Twitter that I was concerned I made upset. He was fine with what I had sent him.

So I guess, no harm no foul. But, I have learned a valuable lesson. It may be best practice to ask an individual if they would like to see something before sending it to them. Especially if it is potentially upsetting content.

I have also learned that it is easy to have a miscommunication when you cannot see or hear the person. Simply reading the words and punctuation leaves room for a lot of interpretation.

We can easily add our own context to someone elses type. I know that from here on out I will exercise more caution when sharing information directly with one individual, simply to avoid the potential for a possible incident.

Social media is a constant learning experience. I plan to learn from my missteps. Even though this interaction did not actually result in any negative consequences I still consider it an error in judgement from which I have gained invaluable insight. Hopefully others can learn from my mistake as well.

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