Its been a long day

My dog Mojo here is making it an interesting past 24 hours. He has always been a very unusual dog and has many peculiarities. One of these is that he does not like to come into the house on his own once he is outside. Another is that he doesn’t really like to just come up to people and let them pet him or handle him. He will come within arms length. Inside he will come and sit on the couch or come to us to be petted but it has to be on his terms. As we discovered these tendencies we have made sure that he is either on his leash connected to a tree or has a long lead attached so that we can get a hold of him. He has no problem going into the house or being near us once we have a hold of his leash or color. It is very strange. There must be something about doorways that scares him, but I have yet to figure it out.

Yesterday at approximately 6:00 PM Mojo somehow got off his leash. He has been outside ever since. We have tried everything we can think of to try to get him to come inside. I even stayed home from work today to keep an eye on him and try to get him to come in. I have been unsuccessful so far. Thankfully the weather has been mild for this time of year. However, Mojo is a Husky and likes the cold and rain and miserable weather. But I would feel much better if he would just come inside. We recently put a dog house outside for our dogs to use if they want while outside, but Mojo does not appear to have any interest in using it. I am sure he will decide to come in eventually. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.
Upon further inspection there appears to be nothing wrong with the leash. So we are still not sure how he got off.
If you have any advice on the situation please feel free to share. Thanks.

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  1. I really like this photo. The dog's eye looks incredible.
    The exposure is spot on and really gives an overall coolness to the image.
    Thanks also for retweeting my tweet.

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