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One photo a day challenge: Day 16. On a weekend I really thought I would have a good opportunity to get outside and capture more outdoors photographs. But, sometimes things don’t go as you had hoped. And you still get it done. Went out this morning with some friends and put in a 13+ mile run, which was great. But I got home and ended up being exhausted. Didn’t get as much… Read More

Over the last several months my wife has been fostering kittens from our local SPCA. She is on her third foster now. This one was a difficult decision to take on and worried her a lot. The mother cat seemed to be very shy and scared. She did not seem interested at all in caring for her kitten. The mother cat did not pay any attention to her kitten at all.

To love our pets is a mixed blessing. We are able to experience life altering moments through our relationship with them. We experience the unadulterated joy they exhibit. We feel the love and camaraderie they share. We become their family and they become our as they allow us into their lives and make us theirs. We are their humans as much as they are our pets. Unfortunately to love an animal is… Read More

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