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Kids make art. This little one was enjoying creating art at the 2014 Elmira Street Painting Festival.

Its been so warm this winter that my small azalea bushes already have leaves.

When you are trying to make progress on sorting through your back log of photographs and you stumble across some family photos you can find gems like these.

I was able to get outside and take a few photographs of our new foster dog Sammy. I also found the below about why we rescue dogs. I didn’t write it...

When you are photographer and a runner. You photograph running events and then get to share photographs of your friends running in those events.

While a 70 degree day in near the end of February does make me concerned for other reasons. I am not opposed to going outside and taking advantage of the unusually...

This Staffordshire Bull Terrier is strutting his stuff at the 2016 Wine Country Circuit Dog Show in Upstate, NY.

Josie decided to photobomb the mini portrait photo shoot I was having with Little Kira in our yard. I called Kira towards me because I wanted to get some photos of...

I just wanted to stop and quickly share a photo I love as I am sorting and editing photos I have taken.